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Hi! My name is Bill Powell, and I make books and websites. I also offer business writing services, as well as personal training in web software like WordPress, Drupal, and Aegir. You can view my portfolio below by clicking the thumbnails on the left. Once you're comfortable, please send a note with my contact form and let me know what I can do for you. Thanks!


tech writing, training

Building web sites means mastering software, and I share my software knowledge through both public tech writing and private training.

I've written hundreds of paid tech articles as the About.com Expert on Content Management Systems, and I add new articles regularly. I focus on WordPress and Drupal, but I also cover basic CMS concepts. These articles get thousands of hits per day, and they also go out in a free weekly newsletter to over 30,000 subscribers.

Personalized Training

When articles aren't enough, I give personalized training. My web site projects usually include some initial training, but I also love to help other web developers conquer obscure problems. For instance, Aegir is an extremely powerful web-based tool for managing multiple Drupal sites. But the learning curve can be a bit steep, and I've been glad to help other developers get started.

No need to fly me out to your office, of course. We can use whatever mixture you prefer of email, phone, chat, and a free, secure screen-sharing service like join.me. And there's no minimum time or long course to follow; we work together on what you feel you need to know, as much or as little as you like. Drop me a note and let me know what you're struggling with.

Tech Writing

On the other hand, if you yourself are trying to teach, through documentation, I can help you with my professional tech writing services. I can proofread, revise, write from scratch -- whatever you need. I love making complex concepts understandable. Whether you need a few articles or a revamped documentation site, I'd love to help.

content management, web development

Ignatius Press asked my good friend Ted Schluenderfritz to build a new web site for author Michael O'Brien. Ted decided to focus his considerable artistic skills on the design, and bring me in for the coding.

This site only has a few pages, and they won't change often. So, Ignatius decided to skip the overhead of software like WordPress or Drupal, and have me code up the site in static HTML. I enjoyed getting "back to basics" and building Ted's elegant design in simple HTML and CSS. I've included a "longer" screenshot here, so you can see more of the design.

CSS finesse, web development

I don't think I've ever been so spoiled with any other web site client. The site is advertising a graphic novel, so of course the author had very particular ideas about the graphics. And that meant he provided them -- all of them. Beyond that, he just basically wanted a WordPress blog. All the graphics + basic WordPress install = happy web developer.

I've become such a Drupal fan that I was tempted to try to convert him. But I'm glad I let him have the WordPress he wanted. For a basic site like this, WordPress is an excellent, easy-to-use choice.

book cover, typesetting

This Is My Body, by Mark Shea. I redesigned the cover from scratch. However, Christendom provided the main image (“The Savior,” by Juan di Juanes). With an image that gorgeous, it was hard to go wrong. This book got a thorough makeover; I also gave the text a fresh typesetting. Mark Shea was quite pleased.

CSS finesse, web design, web development

This is one of the loveliest sites I have ever had the privilege to help design. I can only take partial credit, though, because these Carmelite sisters worked hard to choose the fonts, colors, and graphics that would best communicate the beauty of their chosen life.

The highly visual site includes a slideshow on the home page, as well as abundant photo galleries which offer glimpses of their cloistered life.

CSS finesse, web development

This gorgeous portfolio site for musician Kurt Poterack features another striking design by Mirandum Pictures. I enjoyed building this design into a Drupal site. The site is fairly simple, but includes a "Listen" page for sampling the musician's work.

CSS finesse, web development

When the Winchester Community Mental Health Center decided to showcase their services with custom videos from Mirandum Pictures, they needed a new website as well. Mirandum provided me with this clean, professional design, and I built it into a simple but effective Drupal site.

web design

When Emmanuel Books asked their web development team, Veraprise, for a site redesign, Veraprise invited me to design the mockups. I enjoyed working with Emmanuel Books to craft a new design that was both an aesthetic delight and easier for their clients to use.

When Emmanuel Books approved the final design, I delivered the mockup to Verarprise, and they built it into the live site.

CSS finesse, online store, web development

These Benedectines wanted an online storefront that could handle the complexity of custom-made liturgical vestments. Browse their catalog, and you'll be amazed at the array of customizations they offer.

You might think that, with no previous Drupal experience, they needed me to set up all these complex products for them. But actually, Ubercart (the Drupal storefront module) has proved so usable that, after some initial training and support from me, they have built almost all these complex products themselves! Of course, I'm always happy to help you add and format your content as much as you need me, but it's exciting to see my clients take over and use their content management system on their own.

These sisters also use their website to gather subscriptions to their email and print newsletters, and share information about their community. I enjoyed building their gorgeous design into a website.

When they signed on with a recording label, I also helped them launch a related site to sell their music albums.

CSS finesse, online store, web development

Another project from the Population Research Institute. This site showcases their line of funny videos exploding the myth of overpopulation, while also explaining the research behind their conclusions. The series has garnered over 1.5 million views.

As with pop.org, the design is theirs; I build their mockups in Drupal and CSS. Also like pop.org, this site began on Joomla, but I moved it to Drupal.

Who says an online store has to look ugly? With a little CSS, their stylish line of shirts didn't have to be embarrassed by the pages selling them.

content management, CSS finesse, editing, migration, proofreading, system administration, web development

When I first started working with the Population Research Institute, their website relied on a proprietary content management system. Their site offered hundreds of articles, but they were full of hard-coded formatting like fonts, heading sizes, and colors (such as purple). Many hours of Perl and proofreading later, PRI had a new Joomla site with a clean, consistent look.

Joomla served them well, but fortunately, by the time they discovered the real constraints, I had discovered the amazing world of Drupal. Today, I rarely have to say, "Your site can't do that." The Drupal community offers an astounding ecosystem of quality modules.

And if there's no available module that does what they need, coding a custom module is clean and enjoyable. For instance, I've designed a custom system for their petition campaigns (like this one). And behind the scenes, both their petition page and their blog posts integrate with their third-party mailing list software.